Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Information & Technology Specialist Certification Program

Information & Technology Specialist Certification Program

ACBVI proudly recognizes the fact that as an IT ambassador, we acknowledge IT has become a competitive field accessible to individuals who blind, visually impaired or have combined vision and hearing loss. Clients entering this program must meet specific requirements regarding assistive technology prior to enrollment.

The A+ DST I program at ACBVI prepares clients for the world of technology. Specifically, it prepares them for the entry-level IT career paths in various IT-related positions. For example: IT Support Specialist; Help Desk Technician; Desktop Support Technician; PC and Hardware Repair; Software installation, repair, and maintenance Our DST I program will prepare individuals to become proficient in IT domains such as: Computer repairs; Software & operating systems; Network administration; Information security; Cloud computing; Troubleshooting of both desktops and mobile devices.

The second half of the program, DST II emphasizes in depth the topics of Networking and/or Security in the IT sector Provides upper level specialty expertise and employment opportunities.

It’s an excellent way for working towards a permanent career goal in the highly demanding industries in the Information Technology field.