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  • Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

What if I told you I golfed with someone who is completely blind, seen someone who is DeafBlind learn to ski, watched someone who has not only lost their vision, but fought through serious medical concerns, learn how to be an IT professional, and finally, experienced a young adult rediscover their passion for adventure sports.  I had the privilege of witnessing all of that, and more, in my role here at ACBVI, and we are just getting started.  Our clients are heroes who overcome unimaginable odds to achieve what even they didn’t believe was possible.

Thanks to your donations, in the last year we served over 300 individuals through our programs.  Additionally, we have filled a critical role by providing meals, food to take home, medical care, and behavioral health to any client in need, all FREE of CHARGE.  Not only do we offer these services with no copay, we don’t ask our clients to prove a financial need, no paperwork or tax returns, if you are hungry we provide you food, if you need medical care we connect you with our partner Terros Health.  There is nothing ACBVI won’t do to help our clients succeed.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Logan.  Logan is in her thirties and grew up in the Phoenix area. After graduating high school she worked at a digital marketing agency. A few years ago she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that required surgery to be removed.  Unfortunately it left her legally blind. Today she is blind in one eye and has partial vision in another.  

Since coming to ACBVI Logan has made HUGE strides in regaining her independence. She learned to travel with a guide cane, use assistive technology to help with communication, completed an internship at Walgreens, and is starting an internship in the social media department of Terros Health.  She’s on her way to earning a paycheck.  All because of your support. 

Logan also attended the ACBVI Adventures trips and was featured on TV last month. You can watch the video  on YouTube: Video.  Logan refuses to let her disability slow her down! Like the rest of our clients, she is determined to live a life without limits.   

ACBVI is in a race to raise $200,000 by December 31. Please consider making a gift today so that we can offer these critical services at no cost. With your help we will continue to help the blind and visually impaired regain their independence, return to work, and LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS!


Steve Tepper, Executive Director, ACBVI



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