Image of Angela Goldenberg

Angela Goldenberg

Executive Assistant

Hello! I am Angela Goldenberg. I began my career with the blind and visually impaired back in 1990, right here at ACBVI! Along the way life happened and I found myself relocating to the Prescott area where I provided Administrative Services to the Yavapai Blind Center for 7 years. One more relocation took me to the State of Washington, where I continued providing assistance on a volunteer basis for 4 years at the local agency. Finally, in 2008 life led me back to ACBVI. I have learned much along my path, now including a background in Assistive Technologies for the blind and visually impaired and other disabilities as well. My experience as well as my kind and compassionate nature has allowed me to provide support to not only our staff, but to others who have been impacted by vision loss. I have loved being that understanding voice that receives a call from an individual facing challenges with vision loss, and giving them reassurance that there are ways to adjust to a new way of living. Nothing is more gratifying to me than giving someone new hope and purpose! I look forward to providing many more years of support at the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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