Orientation and Mobility

About our Orientation and Mobility services

Being visually impaired does not mean you have to stay at home all the time. But if you want to get out on your own, you will have to pick up some new skills. Orientation and mobility training will help you learn to travel in a more safe and effective way. You can expect to get one-on-one coaching in how to use your other senses to assess your surroundings. Then you will practice using your new skills in familiar and unfamiliar places. You will also learn to safely cross streets and use public transit. Along the way, we will identify what kind of assistive devices are the best fit for you. These may include: long cane, support cane, laser canes, GPS devices, telescopic aids, absorptive lenses, and walkers. Our experts also can work with you on the skills necessary for using a guide dog.

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